Danila Serra in the news

Danila Serra’s research on corruption is discussed in a series of articles in the National. Click on the links to read the articles by Omar Al Ubaydli online:

Economics 101: Using competition to combat corruption
Economics 101: Does Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption drive scare foreign investors?

Dr. Serra is a professor at Southern Methodist University and inaugural Vernon L. Smith Ascending Scholar Prize.

2018 Graduate Workshop at Chapman University recap

January 09-13, 2018, The 23rd Annual Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics was held at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. Twenty doctoral students from around the world spent a week participating in experiments and learning about experimental economics.

Participants enjoy the unique workshop structure of using experiments. “I would highly recommend the workshop to others,” said one participant. “It is an unusual but extremely helpful procedure to participate in experiments first and then have a presentation about exactly this experiment and related topics. It gives a better and by far more interesting insight in ongoing top-level research than “just” presentations, since it definitely provides a deeper level of understanding.”

Continue reading about the workshop and see pictures.

2018 Summer Scholars Application Now Open

Are you a previous IFREE high school workshop participant or Chapman undergraduate Humanomics program student interested in more intense work to build on what you’ve learned?  Apply for the Summer Scholars Program hosted at Chapman University this summer, June 11 – July 13, 2018. The application is now open and the deadline to apply is Friday, March 9, 2018 at 5 p.m. PST.

The scholars and their mentors, Profs. Jan Osborn and Bart Wilson, will meet daily as a reading group to discuss papers in experimental economics and literature as well as develop and analyze research data.

To learn more and apply, please visit the Summer Scholars website.

IFREE Funds Four New Grants!

We are excited to announce four IFREE-funded grants that will support exciting research in experimental economics!

  • “Manipulation in Prediction Markets,” Todd Kaplan, University of Exeter, UK (Lawrence Choo, Ro’i Zultan)
  • “Project Selection and Competitive Cheap Talk,” Eric Schmidbauer, University of Central Florida (John Hamman, Miguel Martinez-Carrasco)
  • “Media and Motivation: the Micro-Foundations of the Market for News,” Emilia Tjernstroem, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ivan Balbuzahov)
  • “Do Negative Random Shocks Affect Trust and Trustworthiness?” Ismael Rodriguez-Lara, Middlesex University London (Hernan Bejarano, Joris Gillet)

Learn more about the grant recipients and their research projects.

What is the effect of Testosterone on financial trading and prices?

IFREE Grant Recipients, Amos Nadler et al., wanted to study just that. Using male participants, the researchers divided them into two groups. One group received a placebo treatment and the other received a topical gel containing testosterone. The participants traded in a market experiment. The research, published in Management Science, shows that increasing testosterone in men increases bid prices, generates larger and longer-lasting bubbles, and slows the incorporation of fundamental value. This is the first experimental study to study how testosterone affects trading and prices. The research results have wide implications outside the laboratory and are significant to consider when discussing the stock market and other financial markets.

Read the paper online: The Bull of Wall Street: Experimental Analysis of Testosterone and Asset Trading

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