University of Alaska Anchorage Student Experimental Economics Workshops

University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Economics hosts experimental economics workshops targeting new students entering the university. The goal of the Incoming Undergraduate Student Workshop is to target students who have already committed to UAA, excite them about economics in a fun and stimulating environment, and encourage them to consider a major in economics.

The workshop is great for students who have never seen economics before, as well as those who are more familiar with the topic. Follow-up evaluations clearly indicate that the students have enjoyed the workshop. The vast majority of students reported that they intend to enroll in at least one economics course, which is one of the goals of the program.

In the News

Find UAA students and IFREE board member, Jim Murphy in the news:

  1. “It Hurts to Say No” – results from new philanthropy research
  2. “Experimental Economics Probes Future Cooperation” – a new educational pilot program that explores shared management of Arctic resources


Past and Upcoming Workshops

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