IFREE-Sponsored Summer Scholars Program

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The History

Student participants in the Vernon L Smith High School Workshop in Experimental Economics began expressing a desire for more advanced work that might build on what they had learned in the workshops. What emerged was a mentoring program — a learning community. This was called the “Intern Program.”

Since 2007, IFREE has sponsored a mentoring program for 6-10 high school and undergraduate students who were top-performing participants in the high school workshop program, including honors program undergraduates who have taken an experimental economics class and who meet application criteria. Students assist in conducting lab experiments, test new software under development with supervision, and participate in daily group Socratic style dialogue anchored in assigned readings and related laboratory experiments. Finally, yearly students work on the design of new experiments.  In 2011, the program officially became the Summer Scholars.

Many of these students have continued into college and graduate programs, at GMU, UVA, MIT, LSE, UA.

Past Programs

2016 Summer Scholars Program
2015 Summer Scholars Program
2014 Summer Scholars Program
2013 Summer Scholars Program
2012 Summer Scholars Program
2011 Summer Scholars Program
2010 Summer Interns Share Experience