2012 Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics


January 8-12, 2012
The 17th Annual Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics offered knowledge and experience opportunities for students as beginners as well as those practiced in running experiments. After an evening reception held at the Double Tree Hotel in Anaheim/Orange County, the opening day began early with a shuttle ride to the Economic Science Institute at Chapman Institute. Lectures and group discussion were interlaced with experiments on topic throughout the week. Off-workshop time during breakfast, lunch, dinner and down-time activities provided students ample opportunity to learn more about one another’s work and to network.

The main workshop topics/experiments and speakers were:

Introduction to Experimental Economics: What are they and why do we do them?
Bart Wilson, Chapman University

Biological Foundations of Economic Behavior
Terence Burnham, Chapman University

Biologic2012grads2al Foundations of Economic Behavior
Terence Burnham, Chapman University

Daniel Kovenock & Roman Sheremeta, Chapman University

Endogenous Institutions
Bart Wilson, Chapman University

Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets
Steven Gjerstad, Chapman University

Conflict Resolution
Roman Sheremeta, Chapman University

Inter-Primate Comparisons of Economic Behavior
Sarah F. Brosnan, Georgia State University

Trust, Reciprocity, and Rules
Timothy Shields, Chapman University

Exchange and Information
Gregory Waymire, Emory University

Collaborative Experiments in Virtual Worlds
Kevin McCabe, Chapman University

Student Presentations: Michael Caldara
Mihoko Tegawa
Jana Cahlikova
Nick Chandler-Klein

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