Antigua Experimental Economics Conference

Casa Popenoe in Antigua Guatemala

October 25-27, 2012

2012 was a landmark year for experimental economics. It commemorated the 50th anniversary of the publication of Vernon Smith´s seminal JPE article. 2012 also marked the 15th year of the Economic Science Association having become fully international, and the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Prize co-awarded to Vernon Smith.

The Antigua Experimental Economics Conference was a commemorative event organized to celebrate the expansion and growth of experimental economics. Submissions were invited from experimentalists from around the world, especially from experimentalists who are from or are interested in doing research in Latin America.

The conference was hosted by the Centro Vernon Smith de Economía Experimental at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and made possible by IFREE. The event marked an important step in encouraging and facilitating the emergence of an active Latin American experimental research community.

The first part of the event was a 2-day workshop in which participants from, or working in, Latin America participated in several experiments, heard a lecture on “Nonparametric Statistics for Experiments,” and also lectures on experimental design. They designed and presented experimental projects.

The second part of the event was the Experimental Economics Conference, where researchers from Latin America and all over the world presented their research to an audience of their peers, participants and other observers. The Conference attracted participants from Latin America, Spain, the UK and the USA.

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