IFREE Funds Four New Grants!

We are excited to announce four IFREE-funded grants that will support exciting research in experimental economics!

  • “Manipulation in Prediction Markets,” Todd Kaplan, University of Exeter, UK (Lawrence Choo, Ro’i Zultan)
  • “Project Selection and Competitive Cheap Talk,” Eric Schmidbauer, University of Central Florida (John Hamman, Miguel Martinez-Carrasco)
  • “Media and Motivation: the Micro-Foundations of the Market for News,” Emilia Tjernstroem, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ivan Balbuzahov)
  • “Do Negative Random Shocks Affect Trust and Trustworthiness?” Ismael Rodriguez-Lara, Middlesex University London (Hernan Bejarano, Joris Gillet)

Learn more about the grant recipients and their research projects.